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Rotuma from NASA Satellite

Bulletin Board

  • 11 April, URGENT, Short-term Consultancy on Rotuma Advert. Deadline for submission 14 April


  • 19 March, Rotumans pay tribute to victims of Christchurch shootings
  • 12 March, Call for Rotumans in NZ to start teaching language in homes
  • 10 March, President Inspires Rotumans
  • 9 March, President Konrote ends Rotuma trip
  • 9 March, Rotumans express pride for their son
  • 8 March, 'I am here to serve and not to be served' - Konrote
  • 7 March, Konrote raises awareness on environment preservation
  • 6 March, Learn to be obedient, Rotuma prefects told
  • 6 March, Govt Workers on Rotuma Praised
  • 5 March, Rotumans urged to take up tree planting
  • 5 March, President visits government facilities on Rotuma
  • 4 March, President Konrote visits senior citizens on Rotuma
  • 1 March, Rotuma Language classes in Auckland
  • 1 March, The Late Colonel Paul Fanifau Manueli Contributed a Lot to Our Nation




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