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Rotuma from NASA Satellite

Bulletin Board

  • 17 November, Australian family seeking friendly Rotuman host family for part-Rotuman daughter


  • 1 December, Rotuma graduates encouraged to pursue higher education
  • 28 November, Australian brand sourcing ingredients from Rotuma
  • 28 November, MV Cagivou Replaces Brianna For Rotuma Trip
  • 26 November, Aviation Journey
  • 25 November, Rotumans celebrate Pepjei Day
  • 18 November, Rotuman lass looks forward to fashion show
  • 5 November, Jioji Konrote sworn-in for a second term as President
  • 2 November, Lusiana Tausia shares her love about Rotuma
  • 1 November, Fiji Airports Delivers Major Infrastructure Development For Rotuma


Video Clips

  • 14 November, Video clips showing varying aspects of life on Rotuma in 1990 have been uploaded to YouTube. A list of them, with links to the YouTube versions are on the video clips page.

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