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This Bulletin Board is for posting messages of interest to the global Rotuman community. It is an appropriate place to ask questions, to make announcements regarding events, to share information and opinions, and to find lost kainaga, friends, schoolmates, etc. To post an item on the bulletin board send your message via email to the webmaster <> We request that messages conform to the rules of Rotuman etiquette (fak gagaja) and show courtesy toward, and respect for, others. As a rule, messages will only be posted when individuals identify themselves by name. Messages will be left on the Board until space limitations require their removal.

The annual Rotuma Golf Day is scheduled to take place on Saturday, 6st October 2018, at the Denarau Golf Course, Denarau Island, Fiji. Monies raised from this event will go towards helping the following:

  • Needs of the disabled
  • Needs of the widows and orphans
  • Needs of those affected by poverty
  • Needs of the aged or infirm on our island of Rotuma and Fiji.

Information Brochure        Golf Registration Form

Vilsoni and Jeannette Hereniko announce a big discount in the sale of DVDs of their classic movie, The Land Has Eyes. Individuals can now purchase copies for US$10 in the United States and US$17 internationally.

They will make wonderful Christmas presents for kainaga and friends, so don't delay. Purchases can be made on TLHE website at

Master Douglas Kaipara Stevens is a well-known respected figure in South Australia. A prominent and successful business man Douglas hails from Motusa, Rotuma and is an inspiration to the Rotuman and Pacific Islander Communities in SA. His achievements and accolades were prompted by and now dedicated to his late brother Jack Stevens. You can visit Douglas at [Jan 2017]

Announcing the re-publication of W.J.E. Eason's 1951 book, A Short History of Rotuma. If you are interested in purchasing a copy you can download an order form here.

The comments regarding Rotuma Bill 2015 and the Rotuma Lands Bill 2015 has been moved to the Rotuman Forum where the discussion can continue.