Kato'aga: Rotuman Ceremonies

by Elizabeth K. Inia




Part I: Components of Ceremony

‘Epa, Apei, and Päega: Ceremonial Mats
Koua: Earth Ovens
‘Umefe: Chiefly Tables
Tefui: Garlands
Lolo: Anointing Oil
Mena: Turmeric
Mafua: Knowledgeable Elders
Fumarä‘e: The Man in Charge
Etiquette and Manners
Numbers and Measurements

Part II: Ceremonies

Death and Funerals
Birth Rituals
First Birthday
Hapagsu: Recurrence Prevention
Majau: The Power to Heal
Ag Forau: Farewell to Travellers
Mamasa: Welcoming Visitors and Returnees
Installation of a Chief
Homage to Chiefs
Koua Puha
Ancient Marriage Rituals
Modern Marriage Customs


Rotuman Indigenous Spirituality



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